Fabric Drawer Liner

Yesterday was bathroom cleaning day around my house. I hate this chore. Mostly, because I always find something that could need more organization, a more thorough scrub, or just a little something more than a good scrubbing with vinegar.

Yesterday was no exception– and what I found was the drawers.

No matter how often I wipe them out, little bits of hair (from my husband’s razor) gets in them. It makes them messy and look quite disgusting. I was thinking I needed to go to the store to buy some more drawer paper to change it out, and frustrated by; (1) going to the store, and (2) having to change out the drawer lining again, when a thought struck me…

Why not line the drawers with fabric so that I could remove the fabric occasionally, wash, and replace.

Much more earth friendly than sticky drawer paper.

Especially when the fabric I upcycled from a shirt in the “donate” pile.

I measured the drawer and cut a piece of fabric from one of my husband’s old shirts to fit inside.

Then, I placed velcro on the bottom of the drawer and on the backside of the fabric.

Voila! The fabric stays down, the drawer stays clean(er), and mama stays sane(er)!

Quilt Sandwich Time

All done with the top of my muddy colored string quilt!
Time for a quilt sandwich… except that, because I’m moving in two weeks, my safety pins are PACKED!
Time to go “old school” and use a needle and thread!
Curved needles and thimble are packed too. Really?
What was I thinking?
But now I have a whole new problem! Why does Kip love quilt sandwiches? He was thrilled with the fun catch the thread game as I pulled it through the fabric.
Can you hear him purring???

Okay, let me just say that I love my curved safety pins!
Sooo much faster!
At least I’m done and ready to start quilting
Did I get too crazy with the back?


Bubble Skirt for my Bubble Girl!

Last week, I decided Taylor needed a little spring skirt to add to her wardrobe. It was so easy to make!
I love this chiffon watercolor fabric! It’s perfect for gathering and has just the right amount of bounce for the perfect bubble! The lining is just some cotton I had extra of – since I tend to always over-buy fabric! The important thing is, Taylor loves it! I see more skirts of this nature in our near future – maybe even one for mommy!