Meet the Mamas

Tami and Katie are the main conspirators of Sew Many Mamas. But, of course, as the name suggests, there are many more mamas who are part of our family.

Please share your own crafty mama marvels or mishaps with us! We would love to hear from you and will try to answer any questions you may have.

Tami or “Nana”- The Mama of the mamas. Nana and Pappy had five babies who are now busy raising babies of their own. She taught the other mamas how to quilt, craft, take pictures, and most importantly- how to be a mama.

Katie or “Green Mama”- The oldest daughter, mama of one (so far), wife to Doc, lawyer, paper crafter,quilter, and yogi. She loves to live organically- even uses cloth diapers (try them, you’ll love them!).

Erin or “Trendy Mama”- Second daughter, mama to two, multi-tasker extraordinaire, cupcake designer, seamstress, and maker of all things girly. Always busy, busy and always doing everything with style!

Kelsey or “Artsy Mama”- Third daughter, mama to one, painter, quilt designer, budding seamstress, and hair stylist…she is quirky and laid back.

Jenny or “Not-a-Mama (yet)- The youngest daughter, college student, gluten-free chef, new recipe finder/maker, and best aunt ever! Need a good laugh? She will have you in stitches! (get it – tee he!)

Holly or “Someday Mama”- Newly wed to Nana’s only son, grad student, nutritionist, and chef… always smiling, fun and ready for new adventures – which is around every corner living with our brother/son!