Fabric Drawer Liner

Yesterday was bathroom cleaning day around my house. I hate this chore. Mostly, because I always find something that could need more organization, a more thorough scrub, or just a little something more than a good scrubbing with vinegar.

Yesterday was no exception– and what I found was the drawers.

No matter how often I wipe them out, little bits of hair (from my husband’s razor) gets in them. It makes them messy and look quite disgusting. I was thinking I needed to go to the store to buy some more drawer paper to change it out, and frustrated by; (1) going to the store, and (2) having to change out the drawer lining again, when a thought struck me…

Why not line the drawers with fabric so that I could remove the fabric occasionally, wash, and replace.

Much more earth friendly than sticky drawer paper.

Especially when the fabric I upcycled from a shirt in the “donate” pile.

I measured the drawer and cut a piece of fabric from one of my husband’s old shirts to fit inside.

Then, I placed velcro on the bottom of the drawer and on the backside of the fabric.

Voila! The fabric stays down, the drawer stays clean(er), and mama stays sane(er)!

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