Spring Pants

I am in love.With my girl and my hubby, of course.But also with this fabric and these pants.They pants are Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.The pattern is for reversible pants, but I wanted something a little lighter for summer, so only made one layer with a cuff. They were so quick to put together and very easy!Contact us @ Nadelfrau.comAlthough. I must admit. I didn’t start them until about 10:30 at night. And, I had a TON of work I was supposed to be doing. BUT, what’s a girl going to do when she finds adorable fabric–on sale no less– and it’s just staring at her? Taunting her.Sew me! Sew me!So I sewed. And drank quite a bit of coffee the next day!

IMG_0016I think it was worth it. (Karis does too.)I wanted Karis to show off her new trousers at church, but thought they needed a little dressing up, so I made a quick bow.

I used, roughly, this pattern from The Purl Bee.LOVE it!I think more of these fabric flower bows may be in Karis’ future.

And, definitely more of these pants!We’re linking up with Fabric Tuesday – check out all the cute projects on their site.
(Girls, we missed you!)


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