Quilt magazines – Are they worth it?

Have you stared at the newsstand wondering if those quilt magazines are worth it or will they end up just clutter in your house? Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether or not to make that purchase when you see a tempting quilt magazine in your favorite grocery store.Quilting Magazine

Would I Use These Patterns?

When you consider that the cost of one pattern is equal to one magazine, a magazine can definitely be worth it, if you like the patterns. So, before purchasing,decide your “must buy” number of quilt patterns. For example, I will purchase a magazine if I like three patterns and a “stretch pattern.”

I would also purchase a magazine they have very detailed instructions for a technique that I wanted to learn.

If you have your own requirements in mind before you enter the store, you can either stay strong against the lure of “one” pattern or you can buy a magazine with a clear conscience. Those are my requirements. What are yours?

But just don’t look at the patterns. Think if you can make the patterns work with what you currently have available in your stash. If you happen to love big, flashy prints, you will want to make a quilt that shows them off. Conversely, if you love fabric that “reads” as solid colors, using them in a big blocks could make a very boring quilt. Colorful quilt

You do not have to follow the color palette as laid out in the magazine. Luckily, most magazines will also show the quilts in different fabrics. Think in terms of color value and if you can interpret the quilt in colors that you love.

How Can I Alter This Pattern?

Think about combinations and permutations. Just because the magazine has the blocks set on point, doesn’t mean that you have to do that. Don’t discount a pattern just because a certain color palette is used. If you keep the same values, you can use the same pattern and it will look just as good.

How versatile are these patterns? Can you use the blocks as part of a tote bag or change the size for a table topper or wall hanging? It may just look like one pattern, but if you can get several looks out of it, it makes it easier

Follow these tips and you’ll never have to wonder if the quilting magazine you purchased was a “good buy.” You’ll not only enjoy your purchase, you’ll know and enjoy your quilt magazines, by actually using the patterns in them!

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