Meet a Mama Monday – Meet Robin!

Happy Meet-a-Mama-Monday. Today, we have a very special mama for you to meet.

Her name is Robin. She isn’t a mama yet. Although she will be any day now!

Right now, she is in that all important nesting phase. She is busy gathering all things necessary to keep her little ones (that’s right, multiples!) safe and warm. She is tiding things up. She is scoping out her surroundings, making sure it will be safe when her dear babies arrive.

Remember that time? Right before you had your baby. When you looked around the house, and thought, oh dear! The walls are not washed. How can I ever bring a child into this world when the walls are not spotless?

And, you ironed all your fabric stash before color coding it (again). After all, how can a babe thrive if the fabrics aren’t pretty and organized?

This mama is doing a little bit more important nesting than wiping down walls and organizing fabrics. Not that those aren’t important. But, this mama is nesting.


She is building a nest.

As in, a nest with sticks.

Meet Robin:

(pictures coming soon)

Karis and I first noticed her out Karis’ window this weekend. I thought, how funny, that bird is sitting so still and for so long. Then, when we came back later and she was there again, I started to wonder what was up with this bird.

She must have decided Karis and I weren’t too dangerous, because she started to build her nest a few hours later. We’ve watched it grow the past two days. And now, it looks ready for some eggs!

We’ve also enjoyed spotting Mama Robin in the yard, eating my neighbor’s newly planted grass seed, much to her chagrin.

Karis now wakes up from her naps saying, “mama bird.” I don’t know if this is, “Mama, bird.” As in,

“Mama, there is a bird outside my window!”


“Mama Bird!”


“Mama, come get me right now, this bird is looking at me again and it’s kind of freaking me out.”


“More, more food! The bird has food, I want a snack. How about some jelly beans? More, more!”

It’s probably the last one. But, I’ll pretend it’s the first.

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